Top 9 Summer Party Hacks

Throw an instagram-worthy party for a fraction of the cost and effort!

It’s hard to ignore the flawlessly filtered “summer pics” making waves across social media. If only life were as pristine as the pictures, right?!!

We can’t help but wonder, who has the time to craft such intricate details? Or the extra cash to purchase expensive artisanal everything? We’re sure the host meant well by meticulously crafting DIY Seaglass Nestled in Four Leaf Clovers Napkin Rings, but fragile details don’t necessarily make for a fun party.

Is it possible to throw the party of the summer without having to mill your own flour or spend hours crafting designer drinks and table settings? We certainly think so! To help you achieve maximum merriment with minimal effort, we’ve compiled 9 easy and affordable party hacks to help you throw the best party of the summer without breaking a sweat or the bank.

1. Shatterproof. Waterproof. Partyproof.

If alcohol, slippery surfaces, and glass bottles were high schoolers, they’d be straight up frenemies. Fortunately, you can reduce the odds of an accident by purchasing partyproof supplies and decor. Whether your guest list includes young children or friends who are young at heart, it’s best to avoid glass and other breakable items. Nothing kills a party like broken bits of glass in your guests’ toes.

In addition to shatterproof cups, we recommend choosing disposable products or hyper-pigmented plastics in lieu of glass or ceramic dinnerware. For beer drinkers, offer cans instead of glass bottles, especially if you’re hosting a pool party. Removing broken glass from the bottom of a pool is not something you want to sign up for. If you plan to celebrate near water, don’t forget to protect your electronics. Keep your smartphones and stereos outside the splash zone, or consider adding a waterproof cover to protect your electronic devices.

2. Break the Ice

Turn your celebration into a soirée with fabulous fruit cubes. Utilizing nature’s signature sweet treats, fruit cubes are cleverly crafted to enhance flavor, not dilute it.

An icy decoration in their own right, these impressive concoctions are easy to make. For evenly sized and easily separated frozen fruit, use an ice tray to freeze your fruit cubes. Fruit cubes are easily made using water, juice, and almost any fruit.

To create your own fruit cubes, you’ll need several ice trays and your favorite pieces of fruit. Simply mix your chosen fruits together, distribute some of the mixture into each cube, then add water or fruit juice until you’ve evenly filled each cube in the ice tray. You can opt for a juicy mix or let your favorite fruits go solo. Strawberries, cherries, and watermelon look great in the frozen spotlight! If you prefer a strong flavor kick, use a food processor to mash peaches or mangos into thick liquid cubes guaranteed to pack a punch. You can also incorporate herbs, such as basil, or julienned citrus slices to complement the flavors of your favorite cocktail.

3. The Perfect Pitcher

Thanks to their multitasking skills, beverage pitchers have earned their place as a summer staple. More practical than an outdoor punch bowl, drink pitchers allow busy hosts to stay on top of drinks with minimal effort. SOGO twist-to-pour lids securely seal liquid inside the pitcher to protect cocktails and mocktails from insects and tragic spills.

Multi-colored lids help guests differentiate beverages, and the crystal clear pitcher allows them to size-up the beverage before they commit. The bold transparency also offers hosts the opportunity to mix visually stunning creations. Add lemons to your lemonade or sliced fruit to your sangria to impress guests with your Instagram-worthy party drinks.

Hosting tip: Plan to have the punch or signature lemonade prepped before your party begins, and expedite pitcher refills by storing the bulk of your brew inside the fridge.

4. Send Your Party Decor Tumbling

Tumblers in bejeweled summer colors will instantly add a pop of color to your summer festivities. The sturdy cups can handle any party games and won’t crack under pressure. Available in 4 bright jewel-toned colors and multiple sizes, SOGO’s glossy summer tumblers double as eye-catching party decor. Whether they’re rocking a tablecloth or working the crowd, these crystal clear colors sparkle like the pool they were born to be next to.

5. Walking Tacos

Make dinner insanely easy with walking tacos. This fresh idea is one of our favorite summer party meals! Walking tacos are ridiculously delicious, tons of fun for kids and adults, and require minimal cleanup.

To serve, you’ll need disposable forks and 5 large bowls. We recommend bowls or SOGO storage tubs with snap on lids to provide easy coverage when not in use. You’ll need a separate bowl for taco meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and chip bags.

To prepare, have your guests choose their favorite bag of chips. Once they’ve made the tough decision between fritos and doritos, they can pop open the bag and start stuffing their walking taco! Simply add the desired amount of taco meat, cheese, etc. directly into the bag. Make sure each guest is given a disposable fork, and they’re ready to go!
What’s better than tacos? More tacos! If you have leftovers, your ingredients will already be separated into SOGO storage bins ready for the fridge. Simply snap on the lid to store your leftovers, and you’ll have everything you need to make an awesome taco salad the next day. You can thank us later.

6. Put a Lid on It

Stop spills and insect attacks before they start with heavy duty protective gear for your bowls and containers. We’re not talking about unfolding and haphazardly refolding aluminum foil over your prized dishes. We’re talking lids. Snap and seal lids. Preferably in bright colors, because, well, if you haven’t caught on yet, we are fairly passionate about seizing summer with pops of color.

The simple addition of a lid can save the clumsy-inclined from a catastrophic splash of embarrassment. Want to give your guests an epic party favor? Offer them a lid and their dignity.

Ceramic storage containers are perfect for summer sides or casseroles. SOGO’s ceramic multi-tasker has no problem working the oven shift and the leftover shift. The high quality ceramic pan comes with a snap on lid, letting you bake dinner and store leftovers without having to change dishes. Bake. Eat. Store. It’s that simple.

7. Leave Clean-Up to the Pros

Disposable forks, spoons, knives, and napkins are here to save you from an arduous after party with your kitchen sink. Forgo cleanup by using Sogo cups in classic red or new summer colors. While these cups can be tossed after one use, SOGO’s design offers a double coating to provide multiple uses out of every cup.

Once you’ve got your disposable essentials, you’ll need to make sure they make it into the waste bin. This can be easily accomplished by supplying your guests with easy-access to several trash bins or bags outside. Trash areas should be placed away from the main patio or seating area, while still being visible to guests.

8. Tell Bugs to Bug Off

Don’t let your guests become the dinner. Place sunscreen and bug spray in brightly colored bins for guests to use at the party.

To prep your backyard, make sure to get rid of any standing water the day before guests arrive. Mosquitoes can’t pass up an invitation to a standing water hole, so double-check flowerpots, gutters, and other places water may hide.
While mosquitoes definitely have a bite, they are notoriously weak flyers. Use their weakness to your advantage by investing in table and floor fans for your outdoor patio.

9. Mix and Match Colors

You know what matches with summer? More summer. Bright jewel toned cups and vibrantly colored dinnerware are perfect mixing and matching. By not limiting yourself to 1 or 2 colors, you’ll be able to unleash your creativity and save on costs. New containers and cups in eye-catching colors will easily match most summer servingware you already own.

A wide variety of multi-colored party supplies and outdoor containers are a great way to enhance your celebratory ambiance without purchasing decorations. Simple changes can also make a big impact, such as displaying beer in a colorful large bin instead of a cooler.

The size of the bin will help keep ice cold, and the vibrant color ensures guests can easily spot the drinks.

Large colorful bins and vibrant party supplies overwhelm guests with summer colors, tricking the eye into seeing more elaborate decor and effort. Color always looks like a party!